About Me

235 days ago, I gave up added sugar. I’m still in awe as I type that. Friends, I used to binge on Culver’s Concrete Mixers (large, extra cookie dough, extra Reese’s), multiple donuts, and two-scoop hot fudge sundaes. Not necessarily in that order. I would hit two or three fast food drive-thrus after work on the way to pick up my children and then invent reasons to eat more. 

So the fact that I gave up sugar…Well, it’s proof that we can all change. Eliminating sugar has impacted my life in many ways, of course, but the most unexpected way is how it inspired an entirely new personal growth journey. I had no idea how much time I was devoting to sugar, body image, shame, and diet until I made this life change. 

As I transitioned into this new chapter of my life, I began noticing an interest in new topics and willingness to take risks. I responded to thoughts of “I could do that!” and “Maybe I should” by pursuing them. I am a 10-year High School Counselor and added Independent College Counselor to my resume. I co-authored a book on my sugar trials, created this blog, and started posting on Instagram. Suddenly, I began dreaming about what could be and created goals to get there. 

I want to share this new excitement for growth with you. Follow Your Spark is about listening to your interests, valuing yourself, and pursuing what you didn’t even know you wanted. I provide weekly content to help you become more self-assured, self-aware, and likely to pursue growth. This foundation will help you Follow Your Spark. I can guarantee that the process will be scary and intimidating, but you will be proud of yourself for trying. We are following our spark together, ok? Embrace the butterflies to unveil your dreams. 

When I’m not listening to motivational podcasts and developing my entrepreneurial ventures, you can find me at my high school, which is in a southeast suburb of Chicago. I counsel juniors and seniors on anything and everything. On any given day, I talk with students about post-secondary plans, course selections, friendship issues, suicidal ideation, and more. I enjoy learning about my profession and routinely speak at conferences and attend workshops. I earned my Masters in Counseling at National Louis University and have a bachelor’s degree in Communications.  

I live in the Chicago suburbs with my two-year-old daughter Julia, seven-year-old son Sebastian, and my husband of ten years, Kevin. After suffering from postpartum depression and a miscarriage, I feel blessed to have my children. Hanging out with Kevin after the kids go to bed is still my daily treat.  

I would be honored to be part of your journey, too.